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Technical Regulations

We are delighted to have worked closely with the British Cycling Technical Regulations Working Group in 2019 to support a major review and rewrite of the British Cycling Technical Regulations. The aim of this project was to ensure that the Technical Regulations were clear, well-structured and fit for purpose. For all events in Scotland you should now refer to the British Cycling Technical Regulations.

Annual Report

Our Annual Report for 2023 is now available for download.

2023 Scottish Cycling Annual Report

The 2022 report can be found here

Articles of Association

Click here to download the Articles of Association

Adopted November 2022


Click here to download the Byelaws

Adopted 28 November 2015

Communications Guidelines

The new Scottish Cycling brand was introduced in 2022, which you can read more about here. The identity is derived from the pedal stroke that every cyclist makes, from nervous beginner to Olympic champion, and is the true commonality between everyone that rides a bike.

If you have any queries about use of assets such as Scottish Cycling logos and vectors, then feel free to email us [email protected].


Following a period of consultation with members and stakeholders, Scottish Cycling has launched it’s new strategy, Developing A Nation Of Cyclists 2.0 in March 2023.

You can read the introductory article here

Click here to download the full Strategy