Published: 13th Mar 2024 Images: Scottish Cycling

Applications open for Scottish Cycling’s Events Commissions

Help us shape the future of the sport by joining one of our commissions

We are recruiting across the three commissions that form part of our events governance structure. These groups advise and support Scottish Cycling in key areas to work towards the delivery of the 2023-27 Domestic Events Strategy. If you are  passionate about the future of cycle sport in Scotland, and feel like your experience and knowledge could help us grow the sport, please apply to any of the three commissions listed below by completing this form by 31st March 2024.

Commissaire Commission

The Commissaire Commission advises on officials recruitment, training, and the processes used to appoint panels to events. The group support Scottish Cycling to create an environment where those that have the desire and skill to officiate can do so and have the opportunities to develop further in these roles. Members must be an active commissaire, however we welcome applications from all levels of experience as we recognise the value in a wide range of perspectives. We are seeking applications from some specific disciplines: Cyclocross, Cycle Speedway, BMX Freestyle and MTB XC.

Current members (from March 2024):

Andrea Lockhart
Des McCrum

Commissaire Commission Terms of Reference 

Sport Commission

The Sport Commission advises on the prioritisation of key projects that feed the development of the sport and make progress against the 2023-27 Domestic Events Strategy. The group also supports with strategies to tackle challenges the sport faces and the management of some small funding pots available to the develop the sport . We aim for all areas of the Scottish Cycling community to be represented within this group and are particularly looking for applications from the North East regions (Grampian and Tayside & Fife), South West region and people with knowledge of the mountain bike, BMX and Cycle Speedway disciplines.

Current Members (March 2024)

Howard Perkins (Chair)
Andrew Littlejohns
Lorna Breetzke
Mark McGhee
Ian Fraser
Morven Brown (as Chair of Technical Commission)

Sport Commission Terms of Reference

Technical Commission

The Technical Commission advises on the wording of regulations, ensuring they are applicable, clear and concise and enable officials to implement them on the ground events. If you have a good grasp of the English language and an understanding of how regulations are implemented on the ground, you might be well suited to advise us in this area.

Current Members (from March 2024)

Morven Brown (Chair)
Zosia Martin
David Miller

Technical Commission Terms of Reference 

If you’d like an informal discussion about any of the commissions and your suitability, please email [email protected] and we would be delighted to chat to you.