Published: 22nd Jun 2023 Images: Scottish Cycling

Connect | 5 Ways to Better Wellbeing

It is #TimeToTalkThursday and the start of a new month, June. With summer on the way, lighter nights and a bit more warmth in the air, it is much more enjoyable to ride bikes in the great Scottish outdoors!

This month we introduce the penultimate theme in our 5 Ways to Better Wellbeing Series with Connect and how this can help to boost our wellbeing.

Having positive relationships with others is an important attribute of wellbeing. Connecting with the people around us, family, friends, colleagues, neighbours, can help to boost our mood and make us feel more secure (The New Economic Foundation). Connecting with others in a cycling club or group is a great way to meet people and help us to feel happier and supported. If you’re not a member of a cycling club then please watch this space for our club finder tool, which will help you find a club in your local area.

#BikeAndBlether rides are all about making connections with others too and sharing in the joy of riding bikes.

One of the Mental Wellbeing Champions shared the following quote with us, which highlights just how good connecting with others on a #BikeAndBlether ride can make you feel:

Well that’s the best I’ve felt in a long time. I felt so good about myself. I’ll admit I have mental health problems but that ride, the fresh air and good company was the best medication I have tried.”

The Club Development Team at Scottish Cycling are also here to help put you in touch with your local club; you can contact us at [email protected]