Published: 09th Jul 2024 Images: Scottish Cycling

First awards made from Regional Sport Development Fund as applications reopen

Four clubs have received funds supporting local projects to deliver more cycling events in Scotland this summer.

Back in April, we announced the launch of our Regional Sport Development Fund, which has been made possible thanks to the passing of a motion at the 2023 Scottish Cycling AGM, and is available across four regions: East & Central, North-East (Tayside and Fife), South-West and West. 

In the two regions – North and North-East (Grampian) – where RDGs are operating effectively, the pre-existing model of clubs and volunteers being able to access funds from the Regional Development Group will remain. However, for the four regions mentioned above, we have now moved to a new model.  

Following the first round of applications, with discussions between respective Club Development Coordinators and the Sport Commission, we can confirm that the following clubs have secured funding: 

Cumbernauld Centurions BMX Club / Western Titans BMX Club (Scottish Regional BMX) (£500) 

  • Providing support for 50 Scottish riders to compete at this Summers British Cycling BMX National Championships  

Discovery Junior Cycling Club (£800) 

  • Providing support for two new grassroots Cyclo-Cross events this Summer at Camperdown Country Park  

Fife Cycle Speedway (£1073.94) 

  • Investing in event infrastructure ahead of the first ever sanctioned Scottish National Speedway Championships this September  

RCCK (£300) 

  • Providing support to female members of the club to take part in competitive events for the first time  

The fund has now reopened for applications, with deadlines and decision points as follows: 

  • 1st August with decision communicated to applicant by 31st August  
  • 1st October with decision communicated to applicant by 31st October 
  • 1st December with decision communicated to applicant by 31st December 
  • 1st February with decision communicated to applicant by 28th February 
  • 1st April with decision communicated to applicant by 30th April  
  • 1st June with decision communicated to applicant by 30th June  

The purpose of the Regional Sport Development fund is to: 

  • Support new events 
  • Support volunteers 
  • Support riders 

Some examples of how the funds could be used are as follows: 

  • Providing start-up costs for new events/series of events to cover the cost of equipment purchases/venue hires, with the aim that the organisers can then develop sustainable operational models in the future. 
  • Contributing towards rider entry costs when they are representing the region, such as at the Youth Tour of Scotland. 

Funds cannot be used for the following: 

  • Any instance in which existing funding is already in place – for example, against Coach Education as Scottish Cycling already has subsidy support. 
  • For the purchase of bikes, helmets and accessories – other more suitable funds exist that could allow for greater amounts to be applied for/purchased. 
  • The purchase of food/drink or any other consumables. 

The maximum amount that can be applied for is £2000, and applicants may be asked to reduce their ask if the total amount applied for is higher than what is available. 

The following is a breakdown of funds currently held for each region: 

  • North-East (Tayside & Fife): £7358.44 
  • East & Central: £10,737.17 
  • South-West: £4495.77 
  • West: £6,980.65 

In order to apply, please in the first instance contact your Club Development Coordinator to discuss your ideas: 

  • South-West: Kate for Dumfries and Galloway, Ewan for Ayrshire