Published: 27th Feb 2024 Images: Scottish Cycling

Scottish Cycling Events Organiser Training

Our Events Team have compiled some helpful content and on-demand online training to help assist event organisers deliver their events.

In the dynamic world of Cycling event planning, Scottish Cycling has been delivering event organiser training at the start of 2024, to equip aspiring event organisers with the essential skills and knowledge. This comprehensive training was designed to provide new event organisers with practical insights, industry best practices, and hands-on experience to excel in the field of event management, as well as giving more experienced organisers the chance to share their knowledge.

There were three online workshops covering The Event Management System (EMS), British Cycling Risk Assessments and General Event Planning. Two in person workshops were also delivered with one at West Lothian Cycle Circuit and the other at Forres Clubrooms. In total 28 organisers benefited from these sessions. The online sessions were recorded and links to these can be found below.

Workshop Overview: The Event Management System (EMS)

The event management system workshop was delivered online and took organisers through the process of setting up an event on the British Cycling system. This was from starting a new event to managing your event when it was live. This session had 14 attendees.

Link: Here

Workshop Overview: British Cycling Risk Assessments

The Risk Assessments workshop looked to develop organisers knowledge of the process for risk assessing their events. It investigated both offroad and road events and the differences of how to develop a risk assessment for these. This event was very well attended with 17 event organisers coming along to learn more.

Link: Here

Workshop Overview: General Event Planning

The General Event Planning Workshop looked at taking event organisers through the timeline of delivering an event. This was from the general idea of delivering an event all the way through to post event. The workshop looked at developing an organising team as well as providing a handy event organising dashboard for attendees. This session was the most popular attracting 18 event organisers.

Link: Here

Workshop Overview: In person workshops at West Lothian Cycle Circuit and Forres Clubrooms

Two in person event organiser training opportunities took place with one being at the new West Lothian Cycle Circuit and the other took place at Forres Clubrooms. These sessions looked to cover more of the general event planning, and it was a good opportunity for attendees to ask questions and find out more information. The events included more practical event planning where the West Lothian Team got out to help with the set up of the Linlithgow CX event. At Forres the focus was more on road and TT events where the sessions looked into the detail of convoy craft.

Feedback from the 2024 Event Organisers training has been very positive, with attendees finding them incredibly valuable as they plan to deliver events, enhancing their learning and further develop.

If you would like to become an event organiser, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Scottish Cycling Events team on [email protected]