Published: 06th Jul 2023 Images: Scottish Cycling

Scottish Cycling launches new website

Scottish Cycling has today launched a new website to capitalise on the increased interest in cycling as a result of the 2023 UCI Cycling World Championships.

The new site aims to make it easy for people new to cycling to find a club or activity that matches their interests, making the sport more accessible than ever before.

At the heart of the new site is an interactive activity finder, that allows users to easily filter activities via geography, discipline and age, making finding the right opportunity a quick, seamless process. With over 250 different opportunities to engage with cycling, there really is something for everyone.

From clubs to trail centres, there is a plethora of different activity types to suit every type of cyclist, from nervous beginner to a mountain biker re-engaging for the first time in 25 years. Looking for further inspiration? Then check out our cycling stories, where riders describe how they fell in love with the sport.

For current members, the Scottish Cycling pages on the British Cycling website will still be kept up to date, and you can navigate to them via the button in the top right hand corner or by going to

So, if you’re looking to enter events, find out more information about our performance programmes or to read our weekly racing round ups, our original website is still the place for you.

On the launch of the new site, Scottish Cycling’s Head of Marketing & Communications, Pete Matthews, said:

“Our digital presence is our primary shop window for both attracting and engaging with new cyclists and potential new members, so I’m pleased that we now have a web offering that mirrors our ambitions. We have worked hard over the last 18 months to enhance our social media output, and rebrand the organisation, and the new website is a further extension of this work.

“At Scottish Cycling we genuinely believe cycling is a sport for everyone; our job is to ensure the right opportunities are in place, and that information on how to get involved is easy to find, and this new website does exactly that.

“Over the next month we’ll be working with clubs to ensure they’re prepared, both digitally and practically, for a potential influx of new cyclists wanting to get involved in their activities, as we work together to grow the sport.”

A big thank you to Aurora for designing and building our new site; we’ll continue to work with them over the coming months to expand its features.