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Get involved in your local club

Would you like to contribute to the foundations of cycling in Scotland?

By becoming a cycling club volunteer, you’re making a direct impact.

Our enthusiastic and passionate volunteers are vital for sustaining the club network. There are various ways you can get involved including roles like Committee Members, Welfare Protection Officers, Coaches and Leaders.

Most Scottish Cycling-affiliated clubs are always on the lookout for volunteers to help them develop. Whether you have a few minutes to check in riders at the start of a session, happy to hang back and meet with parents/guardians or take on roles like committee member or social media officer, your contribution is invaluable. The more people who volunteer, the lighter the workload for everyone, ensuring the club’s success.

You can explore some of the positions by looking at our role descriptors below

Having discovered the types of roles you could get involved with, why not use the Scottish Cycling club finder to locate your nearby club and reach out to them?

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Club Committee Roles

There are various roles at clubs that are important, but key roles include.

Club Chairperson who presides over all official club meetings, including the Club Annual General Meeting. They should maintain and build relationships with key partners, seek new opportunities to work with other community organisations and cycling groups to drive forward the development of the sport locally. Build a high performing team of Committee Members, drawing on each persons’ skills and knowledge as they contribute to club strategy. As well as maintaining careful oversight of any risks to the club, and will represent and be an ambassador for the club and its members at appropriate events; while hopefully fostering positive relationships with club members.

General Secretary ensures meeting information, both Club Committee and AGM, is issued according to the requirements set out in the Club rules. Keep records of meetings and disseminate notes or minutes to members and stakeholders according to Club policy. Ensure that agreed actions from meetings are met and receive future agenda items from committee members. Uphold legal requirements: acting as custodian of the organisation’s governing documents, ensuring quorum is present at meetings, ensuring elections are in line with procedures, ensuring charity requirements are met. Prepares report of the organisation’s activities for the year for the Annual General Meeting, and respond to non-membership club enquiries.

Membership Secretary responds to all enquiries from potential new members, issue welcome packs and/or a welcome e-mail to all new members. They should also maintain an up-to-date database of members, produce membership status updates for the Club committee as required and ensure GDPR guidelines are adhered too. They should also promote membership of Scottish Cycling and build positive relationships with club members, understanding their diverse needs and representing their views.

A responsible Club Treasurer should ensure that adequate accounts and records exist, and that all funds are used appropriately and banked promptly. Plan the annual budget in agreement with the club committee and to monitor throughout the year, as well as prepare end-of-year accounts and present to the auditor, committee and AGM. They should also act as signatory on the Club Bank account and provide advice to the Club Development Committee in their management of the Club finances.

All clubs with regulated roles now must have a Wellbeing and Protection Officer in order to affiliate to Scottish Cycling and meet our minimum operating standards. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to implementing the Club’s Wellbeing and Protection policy and procedures and advising the club on matters of policy relating to Child Protection. Ensure all persons working either paid or unpaid with Children and Young People at the club are fully aware of what is required of them within the guidelines of the club, the child protection policy and codes of conduct. Regulated roles includes clubs with under 18 members and vulnerable adults.