Published: 04th Sep 2023 Images: Scottish Cycling

Club Safeguarding Reports

We are updating the process for club affiliation for 2024, in relation to safeguarding. This is specific only to clubs that cater for children (under 18 years old) and/or providing activity for protected adults.

We’ve been working to update and develop the database that we use to track safeguarding credentials (PVG and CWPS training) of volunteers across Scottish Cycling. This has been a challenging process, but we are now able to create club safeguarding reports for volunteers carrying out regulated work. The current format will be an interim solution until we can move to a more up-to-date platform in due course.

For 2024 club affiliation we will require club WPO’s to verify their club report. The process for this will be as follows:

  • September – clubs sent credential reports for their volunteers.
  • October – club affiliation opens for 2024.
  • October-December – WPO’s verify and update club reports in collaboration with SC. As with previous years, verifying your club report will be a requirement of affiliation.

On an ongoing quarterly basis, clubs will be sent reports by SC to verify that all coaches remain compliant with training throughout the year. This process will allow us to ensure that all those volunteering within Scottish Cycling have the appropriate training, checks and qualifications in place to carry out activity. This is an essential element in keeping our community safe from those with nefarious intent. It also contributes to positive club environments where roles and boundaries are understood.

For context, there are currently around 50 open safeguarding cases across British Cycling. These vary in severity from examples of poor practice to criminal activity and abuse that has serious long-term impacts on all those involved. The basic elements of safeguarding that we will report on: PVG scheme membership, safeguarding training, and qualifications, creates the foundations to deter, prevent and act when required.

The report you receive will include a list of all those volunteers at your club who are carrying out regulated work. It will list the following:

  • Member’s status within the club, whether the person is active, inactive or pending training or PVG
  • PVG Scheme Membership status
  • Safeguarding training expiry (Child Wellbeing and Protection in Sport)
  • Club role
  • Coaching and Leading qualifications

We hope that these reports and our database will help clubs to keep accurate records and reduce time required to chase and record information on your own system. I appreciate that there are clubs at various stages and with varying experience of safeguarding, so please feel free to ask and share information as openly as possible with the SC Safeguarding team. This will contribute to a safer sport where the likelihood of incidents occurring is reduced, and dealing with concerns is as effective as possible.

To access our policy, advice and guidance on Wellbeing and Protection, visit these pages: Wellbeing and Protection (

The next step is to await reports being sent in September, but feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have on [email protected] or [email protected]