Published: 01st May 2024 Images: Scottish Cycling

Coaching, it’s a family thing!

As part of UK Coaching Week, we sat down with father and daughter coaching duo Sarah and Paul Tait to dig a little deeper into their coaching journey.

Sarah and Paul Tait are somewhat of a dynamic duo at the Royal Albert Cycling Club and its ever-growing youth section, Clydesdale Colts, located in the West of Scotland. Sarah, just 14, alongside dad Paul coach sessions at the club on a weekly basis to drive forward growth at the club at all ages and stages. Predominantly coaching mountain bike and bike trail this father and daughter duo set out each week to make a difference in the community by promoting the sport they love and support riders on the journey to becoming best versions of themselves!

We sat down with Sarah and Paul to ask them some questions this week to dig a little deeper into their coaching journey.

  • When did you both get into coaching?
    • Sarah: Passed intro to coaching in Dec 2023 (as soon as I could after my 14th birthday) after helping out with younger kids at Clydesdale Colts and Scottish Bike Trails
    • Paul: After volunteering as a parent helper at Clydesdale Colts for around a year I became a coach around 9 years ago and now coach at Colts and Scottish Bike Trail
  • What was the main attraction, why did you both take to leap to start coaching?
    • Sarah; I have been coached since I was 5 years old and know how much of a positive impact that can have to help encourage people and help with improving skills, fitness and just getting out and enjoying yourself. I’ve known for quite a wee while that I wanted to start coaching so as soon as it was possible I went through my intro to coaching.
    • Paul; I’ve been into all types of cycling for pretty much the whole of my life and have always liked passing on my ‘knowledge’. I’ve also previously worked as a snowboard coach and a Mountain Bike leader and always loved helping and seeing the progression in riders who I’ve helped along the way a little bit.
  •  What is your favourite coaching moment that you’ve had in your club?
    • Sarah: At Scottish bike trials over the last few years we have run female only coaching evenings during the winter months and it has been great to see the improvement of all the females, especially recently since I have started taking a more active role in coaching. The nights have been developed to encourage all females to take part whilst providing an environment that is comfortable and approachable. The increase in numbers is bringing us towards our goal of an inclusive and equitable representation in the sport but there’s still a lot to be done and I’m enjoying being a part of that drive.
    • Paul: No one moment really. Just love seeing riders improve and get fitter, more skilled and better all round cyclists!


  • UK Coaching week theme is ‘Holistic Coaching’. Are there any instances where you’ve positively impacted someone’s life through cycling?
    • Sarah: A few younger girls have recently started competing in bike trials and I like the fact that they can watch me and see as a female that there is a pathway to improve and progress beyond beginner.
    • Paul: A positive impact I hope I have had is that the older riders at Colts I have coached go on to enjoy cycling in whatever form, be that racing, leisure, commuting or weekend warrior.
  • Getting more young people like yourself into coaching will hopefully grow the sport,. What would you say is the best thing about coaching and what would you say are the benefits to coaching?
    • I enjoy seeing the kids who I coach getting excited about learning a new skill, going over a new obstacle or finishing a race. Its great seeing others enthusiastic about doing a sport that I love. Also in my role as a coach it allows me to promote cycling and especially bike trials to the up and coming generation of riders.

Thanks to Sarah and Paul for their time.

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