Published: 22nd Jun 2023 Images: Scottish Cycling

Power of Connection | #TIMETOTALKTHURSDAY

This #TimeToTalkThursday we continue with the Connect theme in our 5 Ways toBetter Wellbeing Series.  This week is all about young people and the power of sport in making connections that have a positive impact on health and wellbeing. 


Fife Cycle Speedway recently connected with Queen Anne High School and its catchment primaries via Active Schools for the P7 transition days.  Fife Cycle Speedway coaches and volunteers led two sessions which involved 23 young people from 12 primary schools. Fife Cycle Speedway Club Secretary Craig Masson told us he is delighted that of the 23 young people who attend the sessions, 11 have continued to attend club nights, nine of whom are female.  This has subsequently increased the club’s membership and enabled them to have a girls’ event during the Scottish League matches.  

Masson said that the impact on the club and the riders, both physical and social, has been excellent:

“not only has the connection had a positive impact on the young people’s health due to participation, it has also had an impact on their wellbeing. The young people all from different primary schools are now mixing with each other and making friends. These bonds are essential to enable them to have a positive transition into high school. Due to this, they will also be friends in and outside of school. They have already participated in cycle speedway activities outside the school setting as part of the Cycle Speedway Scottish League. This strengthens their friendship but also helps that they will continue to participate in cycle speedway throughout their school life and hopefully beyond”. 

We love this story of connection and the powerful message of how sport not only benefits our physical health but our mental health and wellbeing too.  Connecting through sport can help us to make lifelong friendships, feel supported and happy. 

A big thanks to Fife Cycle Speedway for sharing this story!