Published: 04th Apr 2024 Images: Scottish Cycling

Scottish Cycling launches Sport Development Funds

Scottish Cycling is delighted to offer up a pot of money aimed at supporting events, volunteers and riders as we look to further develop the sport.

Off the back of the 2023 UCI Cycling World Championships, we’ve seen a growth in club members, and want to continue to support clubs to build on the buzz of last summer and grow the sport further.

The Regional Sport Development Fund has been made possible thanks to the passing of a motion at the 2023 Scottish Cycling AGM, and will be available across four regions: East & Central, North-East (Tayside and Fife), South-West and West.

Traditionally Regional Development Groups (RDGs) had pots of money to develop the sport, but in most cases this funding has been lying dormant for a number of years, and so the aim of the passed motion is to make this funding more accessible to more people.

In the two regions – North and North-East (Grampian) – where RDGs are operating effectively, the old model of clubs and volunteers being able to access funds from the Regional Development Group will remain. However, for the four regions mentioned above, we will move to a new model. We did seek expressions of interest to establish RDGs in these areas, but these regions didn’t meet the 25% threshold we had set. Regions can establish a RDG at any point, as long as 25% of clubs indicate an interest in being a part of one.

The purpose of the new fund is to simply:

  • Support new events
  • Support volunteers
  • Support riders

Some examples of how the funds could be used are as follows:

  • Providing start-up costs for new events/series of events to cover the cost of equipment purchases/venue hires, with the aim that the organisers can then develop sustainable operational models in the future.
  • Contributing towards rider entry costs when they are representing the region, such as at the Youth Tour of Scotland.

Trainee Commissaires who reside in the four regions can apply for a £100 bursary towards their training.

Funds cannot be used for the following:

  • Any instance in which existing funding is already in place – for example, against Coach Education as Scottish Cycling already has subsidy support.
  • For the purchase of bikes, helmets and accessories – other more suitable funds exist that could allow for greater amounts to be applied for/purchased.
  • The purchase of food/drink or any other consumables.

The maximum amount that can be applied for is £2000, and applicants may be asked to reduce their ask if the total amount applied for is higher than what is available.

The following is a breakdown of funds currently held for each region:

  • North-East (Tayside & Fife): £9,695
  • East & Central: £10,430
  • South-West: £3,981
  • West: £6,181

The first deadline for applying to funds is 31st May, with approval of applications to take place at a meeting of the Sports Commission in June. The fund will remain open and further deadlines will be communicated thereafter.

Funds can be applied for by trainee commissaires who reside in as well as clubs, or groups of clubs based within the region. Clubs and trainee commissaires based out with the four regions should approach their respective Regional Development Groups to seek support for similar funding.

In order to apply, please in the first instance contact your Club Development Coordinator to discuss your ideas:

National Sport Development Fund

When Regional Development Groups (RDG’s) were created in 2015 there was a commitment from Scottish Cycling that 20% of the levies which Scottish Cycling retains from British Cycling would be paid to the region of the host club. Where the event is hosted by an association, they would retain the 20% levy contribution.

Following the approval of the AGM motion in November 2023, the contribution which was previously made to RDG’s as a levy contribution, will now be paid in to a National Sport Development Fund, which will be administered by the Sport Commission, in conjunction with the events team.

This is to ensure that money continues to be reinvested into the sport, and it’s use is guided by a group which is made up of representatives from the Scottish Cycling community and membership.

How will the fund work?

The amount available in the fund will be confirmed at the end of each financial year and will be made available in the following financial year. This is to ensure the funds available are based on actual income, rather than predicted budgets. Financial years will run from 1st April to 31st March in any given year.

This means the fund will become available for the first time on 1st April 2025, and will be 20% of actual income received by Scottish Cycling for levies between 1st April 2024 and 31st March 2025.

The amount available in the fund will be confirmed with the Sport Commission who will then work with the Scottish Cycling Events Team to agree the use of the fund over the following 12 month period. The fund will be used to support the delivery of the priorities outlined in the Scottish Cycling Domestic Events Strategy 2023-2027.

If you would like to make suggestions for how the fund can be best used, please speak to a member of the Sport Commission, or a member of the events team. Please do so by emailing [email protected]