Published: 22nd Jun 2023 Images: Scottish Cycling

Promoting Mental Wellbeing in Clubs | #BIKEANDBLETHER

To round off Mental Health Awareness Week, Ruth, one of Scottish Cycling’s Club Development Coordinators, caught up with Kieran, from Musselburgh Roads Cycling Club.

Kieran is one of the Mental Wellbeing Champions currently engaging with the training being delivered by the Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH) and has been a strong supporter of the #BikeAndBlether project.

Kieran is keen to break down barriers and reduce the stigma of having conversations about mental wellbeing and help create a culture of inclusivity within his cycling club.   He has led regular Bike and Blether rides for his club members, focusing on offering safe spaces to talk and reducing the stigma surrounding conversations about mental health.  These have been really successful and have even continued through the dark winter months when it is often the most difficult time to get out on the bike!

Kieran has encouraged members to post when they would like a Bike and Blether ride and then others can let them know if they are able to join.  This lets everyone find a time that works for them, reducing barriers to coming along.  As Kieran posted to his group ‘When life gets complicated, call your clubs mates and ride your bike’.

Here is what Keiran had to say about being part of the project:

What do you love most about cycling?

The opportunity for to visit places and connect with people I would never have otherwise. Cycling is my transport, fitness and health booster. A way of life.

Why did you get involved with Bike and Blether?

I’m passionate about everyone experiencing positive mental health and having the opportunity to have support solutions available when times are difficult. If you’re a cyclist, then Bike and Blether is perfect.

Why do you feel Bike and Blether is important?

Bike and Blether is an important reminder of the role cycling clubs can play in supporting peoples’ mental wellbeing and creating an inclusive environment. If Scottish Cycling Clubs can break down barriers and reduce sigma around mental health alongside other initiatives, it all adds towards a positive landscape.

We would like to thank Kieran for taking the time to chat about the #BikeAndBlether project.  If you would like to learn more about the project or become involved as a Mental Wellbeing Champion, please contact the Scottish Cycling Club Development Team at [email protected]